Decalcified Fish Scales


  • Species – Carp [Rohu and Katla]
  • Size – 1cm to 4cm
  • Moisture – within 15%
  • Colour – white/mild gray
  • Odor: no odor or a bit fishy
  • Cleaning method: wash
  • Drying method: solar heat (sun dry)
  • Origin: Bangladesh


B&F Company Limited, the most reliable and leading exporter of decalcified fish scales in Bangladesh takes pride in its commitment to delivering top-quality products. With a strict quality control system in place, our fish scale undergoes meticulous processing. Every step, from washing to drying, moisture percentage control, and packaging, is closely monitored by our highly experienced and skilled team. We leave no room for compromise when it comes to maintaining the highest quality standards.

Decalcified Fish Scales Specifications:

    • Species – Carp [Rohu and Katla]
    • Size – 1cm to 4cm
    • Moisture – within 15%
    • Colour – white/mild gray
    • Odor: no odor or a bit fishy
    • Cleaning method: wash
    • Drying method: solar heat (sun dry)
    • Origin: Bangladesh


Decalcified Fish Scale Drying process

Development and Application of Fish Scales

The exceptional quality of our fish scales makes them highly sought-after in numerous industries. These versatile raw materials find application in a wide range of products and processes. From the pharmaceutical industry, where they are used in the production of supplements and medications, to the cosmetic industry, where they contribute to the creation of skincare and haircare products, our fish scales and shrimp shells play a vital role. Our premium quality decalcified fish scales can be used as raw material for gelatin and collagen. Additionally, they are also utilized in the manufacturing of animal feed, fertilizers, and even as an ingredient in culinary preparations.

Global Demand for Fish Scales

The global demand for fish scales has been steadily increasing in recent years. With the rising interest in sustainable alternatives to traditional materials, fish scales have caught the attention of numerous industries.

In Asian countries like Japan, China, Indonesia, Korea, and Thailand fish scales are used to make high-quality cosmetics, food supplements, capsule pods, and other products. According to Export Promotion Bureau statistics, Bangladesh exports fish scales worth Tk200 crore every year. 

Moreover, the growing popularity of fish scale collagen in the beauty and healthcare sectors has further fueled the demand for fish scales. As the awareness of their benefits spreads, more companies and researchers are exploring innovative ways to harness the potential of fish scales, leading to increased global demand.

How we manufacture decalcified fish scales:

Step 1: Fish Scale Collection

  • Receive raw fish scales from trusted suppliers.
  • Conduct initial quality checks to ensure freshness and suitability.

Step 2: Sorting

  • Carefully sort the fish scales based on size and quality.
  • Remove any impurities or damaged pieces.

Step 3: Washing

  • Thoroughly wash the sorted fish scales to eliminate any dirt or contaminants.
  • Use safe and hygienic washing techniques to maintain product integrity.

Step 4: Drying

  • Green/Sun-dry the washed fish scales under controlled conditions.
  • Monitor the drying process to achieve optimal moisture levels.
  • Ensure the fish scales are 100% sun-dried for enhanced longevity.

Step 5: Lab Test

Conduct a series of lab tests to guarantee product quality:

  • pH Test: Verify the acidity/alkalinity levels for stability.
  • Ash Content Test: Measure the level of mineral content for purity.
  • Moisture Test: Ensure the fish scales meet the required moisture standards.

Step 6: Packaging

  • Safely and hygienically pack the fish scales in suitable containers.
  • Implement secure packaging methods to prevent damage during transportation.

Step 7: Storage

  • Store the packaged fish scales in a controlled environment.
  • Maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels to preserve quality.

Step 8: Export

  • Coordinate with logistics partners to arrange efficient shipment.
  • Ensure compliance with all export regulations and documentation.

Our fish scales are sun-dried to perfection, ensuring optimal preservation of their natural attributes. This careful drying process guarantees that our products retain their nutritional value and distinct flavor. We understand the importance of meeting the specific requirements of our global business partners, which is why we offer fish scales with various specifications. Whether it’s size, texture, or moisture content, we can tailor our products to fulfill the unique needs of our esteemed clients.

Decalcified Fish Scale Drying

Test Result

Items Specification Results Method
Appearance White or Yellow Pale yellow
Odor Odorless Pass
Moisture Content 15.0%Max 8.75% Drying (At 105°C,2hr)
Ash Content 1.5%Max 0.25% Ashing Method
pH(5% dispersion) 6.0~8.0 7.0 pH meter
As 1.0 PPM MAX Absence ICP
Pb 2.0 PPM MAX Absence ICP


At B&F Company Limited, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to establish lasting partnerships with businesses worldwide. Our unparalleled dedication to quality, coupled with our ability to meet diverse specifications, sets us apart from the competition. By choosing our fish scale you can be confident that you are receiving a product of exceptional quality, backed by a company with a proven track record in the industry.


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